How to order UK web hosting and a Domain Name for your website?

How to order UK web hosting and a Domain Name for your website?

How to register a domain name and order UK web hosting?

Below guide will help you to order UK web hosting along with a domain name of your choice from our website.

To get started, please visit our website at

Select the desired type of hosting such as :
Cloud Hosting:
Wordpress Hosting:
Reseller Hosting :
Managed VPS server :
Managed Dedicated Server:
and many more.

We will order a shared hosting plan .. Lets order Linux Standard Cloud Plan which costs £14.99 per year + VAT

To get started please visit

Click on “Order Now” button below “Linux Standard Cloud” plan

Choose your domain option:
1) To register a new domain, select “Register a new domain”
2) To transfer your existing domain from your old registrar over to us, select option “Transfer your domain from another registrar “
3) To keep your domain with your old registrar and use our nameservers, select “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers “.

Let’s choose to register a new domain. So select option 1 and enter your desired domain name. You can also select your desired TLD (such as or .com etc) from the dropdown menu.

Click “Check” and the wizard will search for domain availability. If it is available, it will show a “Congratulations” message.. Click on “Continue”

Select your preferred billing term for web hosting, such as Annual, Biennial or Triennial. You can also choose from several addons that you can select along with web hosting. Click on “Continue” to proceed to next step.

You will be asked to configure your domain details. Enter your valid details and click on “Continue”

This is the final screen which says “Review & Checkout”.

Here you can see the web hosting product billing duration that you selected earlier.

Below you will see your domain name. By default it will be registered for 1 year. However, you can increase your domain registration to longer duration such as to 2 / 3 years. Click on “Checkout”

Enter your valid details such as Name, Address, and select mode of payment to finalize your order.

Voila … Thats it..!! Your order will now get processed on successful completion of our automated fraud check system. You will then receive all login details for your order which will help you to login to your client portal and cPanel.

If at any stage you need any help, you are most welcome to visit our website at and initiate a live chat with our 24/7 live chat support person!

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