How to Install Free WildCard SSL Certificate in Site Tools | Website Security Tutorials

How to Install Free WildCard SSL Certificate in Site Tools | Website Security Tutorials

This video tutorial will show you how to install a free WildCard SSL Certificate in your SiteGround account. For other tutorials on website building and web development, check the playlists below ⬇⬇⬇


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Is It Practical To Participate In Reseller Hosting Support?

There are a lot of companies that have powerful servers with enough space on them that they can rent space out to other people. The problem with renting out space on your server to host the websites of others is that when the other person has a problem getting the website to work properly they will expect the server owner to provide them with technical support to solve their problems.

A Few Facts On Server Management

Server management is not one single thing that you do, but depends on what you use the server for, and whether you have a virtual server, or a physical server. Server management often consists of business continuity planning. In business continuity planning many people feel that virtual servers are easier to with than physical servers are. The problem with this type of Linux server management is that there are times when you would need to patch multiple systems together and when using virtual servers this can be problematic.

Who Benefits From Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is beneficial to a lot of different people who are just establishing web pages, and too many people who already have web pages in existence. Linux web hosting makes it possible for many small businesses, with small start-up budgets, to have the types of websites they want, and need.

How Important Is Server Security To Web Hosting Services?

Server security is a key element for you to consider when you are selecting a web hosting service to place your website information on. Server security means security for your personal information and for the personal information of all of the people who choose to shop on your web pages.

What To Expect From Hosting Support

Hosting support will provide you with help getting the pages of your website up and running. Hosting support will be there when you are trying to get your pages launched through the server. This technical support can answer all of the most common questions that people have, and there will be experts that can help you with the difficult situations you run into when you are launching your website.

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