WPX hosting Coupon Code 2019

WPX hosting Coupon Code 2019

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What Role Do Web Hosting Companies Play In Fighting Spam and Junk Mail?

The root of most spam mail is web hosting servers, which become a tool or a target of the spam mail. By putting appropriate security measures on hosting servers, we can curb spam mail and make it powerless and less annoying. This article discusses how web hosting companies can fight spam mail and what measures they take to fight spam.

Cloud Hosting – How To Pick The Best Provider

The web hosting industry has been redefined by the cloud server hosting because it comes with several benefits, making it quite good for any business. Some of the benefits include lowering hardware costs and increasing processing speed, thus reduced downtime for users. This kind of hosting also gives users ability to sail through spiked website traffic with no problems at all. The wrong selection of a cloud hosting provider can be expensive and quite annoying, but when you take important aspects into consideration you will end up in the hands of a good and reliable provider.

Common Problems A Web Hosting Reseller Must Face

If you thought that there was good money to be made by taking a web hosting reseller account and selling website services, then you are quite right. But with the money, comes a lot of issues which not everyone can stomach. Those who have an allied business like website designing or coding find it easier to sell hosting services due to their prior technical knowledge and existing customer base.

The Most Common Web Hosting Issues During The Holiday Season

This article studies the most common issues a web hosting account holder has to deal with during the holiday season. When you get back from your vacation, you are sure to recognise at least a few of them.

7 Common Terms Used in Web Hosting

Are you new in web hosting? The industry has many terms that can be confusing to you as a starter. To help you out here are some of the common terms and what they mean: Bandwidth – Some companies also call it data transfer. This is the amount of data that can be transferred between the computers visiting your site and the website’s server. In most of the cases, the bandwidth for a basic website is between 1 and 5 GB. Always remember that the more visitors you have the more bandwidth you need.

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