Why I host with Interserver | Web Hosting Review

Why I host with Interserver | Web Hosting Review

I have hosted my websites on Interserver for 2 years now without issue.

In this video, I share my experience with them.

To check out interserver, visit: https://www.interserver.net/r/517869

NodeJS Hosting Tips – Creating a Multi Room Chat Client

Node.js is a server side environment for JavaScript. NowJS is a framework built on top of Node.js that connects the client side and server side JavaScript effortlessly.

Developing a Backup Plan

Dedicated servers with backups is an important value added service that should be utilized at all times. Either it be via basic FTP backups, RAID or secondary (third or fourth) backup hard drives it is an important task that must be implemented. This process can be greatly simplified by automating the backups either via simple scripts, software or web based control panels such as Cpanel/WHM.

Should You Publish Your Website With the Same People You Bought the Domain From?

A lot of the time, people buy their domain name and then think about where they should host their website. This is perfectly normal. Which also means that it’s perfectly normal that your domain name registrar is likely to ask you if you’d like to buy your hosting from them.

What Are Some of the Dynamics You Will Need Before Choosing Your Next Web Hosting Company?

Many web-hosting clients are unaware of the opportunities that fly past them as they enroll or subscribe to one particular company to host them. Most of the companies seem to offer the sam services, but most will not have the same characteristics. If you plan to acquire a website fit for commercial purposes, you may as well think in terms of opening a store in a competitive area.

Making a Wise Choice About Your Business’s Web Host

Your needs determine the kind of website you want to have. If you have an entertainment filled website for your business, then color, schemes and space needs to be allocated to the site. For your site, social media links are very important.

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