VyprVPN In-Depth Review 2021 | Is VyprVPN the best VPN? Why is it Priced so Low?

VyprVPN In-Depth Review 2021 | Is VyprVPN the best VPN? Why is it Priced so Low?

VyprVPN In-Depth Review 2021 | Is VyprVPN the best VPN? Why is it Priced so Low?

The Best VPN App for Privacy, Security and Streaming.

VyprVPN’s parent company Golden Frog is incorporated in Switzerland.

Switzerland has favorable privacy laws.

VyprVPN is used by more than 2 million users worldwide.

Protect 5 simultaneous devices.

VyprVPN is available for Android and iOS.

Privacy Protection
Best-in-Class Encryption Technology used.
NAT Firewall
NAT Firewall gives additional layer of security to your devices.

VPN Protocols
Considered as future of VPN protocols for speed, privacy and security.
Support for L2Tp and IKEv2 for IPSec.
Secure and reliable protocol for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Proprietary protocol to prevent Deep Packet Inspection, VPN blocking and throttling.

VyprVPN Features
DNS protection against any man-in-the-middle attacks.
Zero DNS leak.
VyprVPN Cloud
VyprVPN protects your data on cloud servers – Digital Ocean, AWS and VirtualBox.
Makes restricted/censored websites available.
Kill Switch
Keeps your data secure even when your VPN connection drops.
Wi-Fi Protection
Secures even Public Wi-Fi from hackers and spies.
Fastest Speed
Servers in 70+ locations with 2,00,000 IP addresses makes it the fastest and secure.
Unlimited Streaming
High-speed unlimited streaming for any program of your choice.
No-Log Policy
Strict no-log policy. VyprVPN is based out of Switzerland, with favouring privacy laws.
Protect Your Connection and Hides your IP when Sharing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Files

VyprVPN for Business
Option of Dedicated IP with Dedicated server, Multiple user management, and Easy Deployment, with dedicated account manager.

VyprVPN in China
VyprVPN gives access to all the restricted contents in China.

VyprVPN for TV
Get access to blocked regional content.
Secure and Fastest unlimited media streaming.
VyprVPN for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, OpenELEC/Kodi, Apple TV

VyprVPN for Router
Router App for VPN – To secure all your connected devices.

VyprVPN for Windows
VyprVPN Windows App – to connect with servers in 70+ countries and with over 300,000 IP addresses.

VyprVPN App for Android
Easy to use VyprVPN Apps for Android for internet privacy, speed and security.

VyprVPN App for iOS
VyprVPN Apps for all iOS Devices. It is easy to use, fast and secure.

Customer Support
24/7 Live Chat Customer Support

Pricing and Plans
$1.66 per month for 36-month plan
$3.75 per month for 12-month plan
$12.95 per month for 1-month plan

This is VyprVPN In-Depth Review 2021 | Is VyprVPN the best VPN? Why is it Priced so Low?

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