The Speed Technology Behind Kinsta’s Performance

The Speed Technology Behind Kinsta's Performance

Wonder what makes sites hosted at Kinsta so fast? Get to know the technology that powers our infrastructure and how it can increase your site speed by up to 200%. Every customer at Kinsta can use Google Cloud’s C2 machines and Premium Tier Network, from Starter to Enterprise.

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About Kinsta
Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company powered by Google Cloud Platform, top security engineering, and 24/7 support.

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Why Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting For Your Website?

A dedicated server was a few years ago the only way one could achieve a functionally rich web hosting plan. Virtual servers have been introduced and have become very popular platforms because they offer high performance at very affordable prices. VPS web hosting offers an optimal platform, even for online portals that consume heavy resources.

Not All Web Hosts Are the Same – How Do We Choose?

Choosing an efficient web hosting company can be a tough decision. All companies seem to offer the same things: knowledgeable support, unlimited resources and 99% uptime. There must be some way to see which one is really the best choice.

What You Have to Look for in an Ideal Web Hosting Company

It implements your web identity successfully – The website hosting company that you choose simply determines your success by making efforts to maximize your server’s uptime, protect your private information, and reduce business risk. What you have to look for in the hosting solutions being offered to you, includes guaranteed 99.9% uptime, hosting plans with PHP and MySQL database, hosting plans supporting CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, containing email, FTP and sub-domains.

Best Web Hosting Sites

Choosing the Best Shared Hosting Plans – A Guide to Choose the Right Shared Hosting – In developing a website, hosting becomes imperative to get live on internet. To make this possible there are many hosting companies providing various choices of hosting plan? But choosing the right shared hosting plans may become challenging with ample choices available.

Web Hosting for Small Businesses – What Do You Need Exactly?

Every business is unique; the differences start with the size of the investment, the profit potential, and infrastructure size. That is basically why small businesses do not require features that are typical to the larger companies. The same can be said about web development and hosting services – each person selects a group of features that suit the specific needs of a business, rather than taking in a wide range of features being offered by the web hosting firm.

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