SiteGround New Client Area & Site Tools | Webinar

SiteGround New Client Area & Site Tools | Webinar

Hristo Pandjarov, our WordPress Initiatives Manager will walk you through the main features of the new Client Area and Site Tools, explaining what are the benefits from the changes and why things have been designed that way. More useful playlists below ⬇⬇⬇


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4 Advantages of Server Management Services

With the advent of the internet and its growing accessibility, it has become possible for people and companies from around the globe to do business with each other. Every company, whether small or big, strives for online presence through its websites in order to create awareness of their offerings and to facilitate e-commerce. Moreover, the complexity of websites is increasing day by day.

Popular Website Hosting Options

If you want to have a successful online business, you need to have a good quality web hosting plan. If you are unsure of the right hosting for you, here are some popular options to choose from: Shared website hosting This is also called virtual hosting. It’s characterized by multiple websites that are hosted on one server. With this option, the company provides storage space for user files. The company also maintains the server and provides the needed technical support.

Why Should One Opt for Linux Server Management

In simple terms server management is the maintenance of web servers. The companies that want to stay in the industry permanently cannot overlook the need for server management. When one has a fully managed server, the web host is responsible for server maintenance.

Points to Consider When Choosing Hosting Support Services

Hosting support is one of the key criteria when it comes to choosing a web hosting service provider. If given due thought this deciding factor can help one reap great benefits. The reason why selecting a service provider with good hosting services is a must is because it ensures that, in case of any problem or technical issue, help is not far away.

Web Hosting Services That Will Work For You

Getting a website is very important, especially for people who are in business, or individuals who want to promote themselves or their skills. The advantage of having a website is that it is an ideal marketing tool, which can work favourably for an individual, if he or she uses it wisely, or simply be a waste of time and money, if an individual gets it wrong. One way of getting it wrong is by choosing the wrong Web hosting service provider, and here is how to know who to avoid and who to go for: …

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