Site Migrations at Kinsta

Site Migrations at Kinsta

Learn about how we perform migrations at Kinsta, premium vs standard migrations, and how to get a free migration today.

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Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company powered by Google Cloud Platform, top security engineering, and 24/7 support.

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Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Web hosting is usually considered to be an expensive service, especially to those individuals who are unaware of the full benefits it can offer to their online business. Many big name companies have their websites setup professionally, but this does not necessarily mean that small businesses should be left behind in the Internet market; there are also web hosting providers that can offer quality services at affordable prices. Reputable hosting services can prove to be a great partner a business can have online.

Taking Advantage of Cloud Hosting Features

Cloud hosting has revolutionized data storage for businesses because now companies can store and access their data and programs on a remote server through the Internet. There remains no need to store data on the hard drive of a personal computer.

Managed Hosting Services Provide Peace of Mind for Your Business

Have you considered managed hosting services for your company’s information? If not, then you might be at risk of losing it.

Advantages of Choosing a Dedicated Server for Your Business

When you have a single server within a single network of multiple computers which is exclusively dedicated to a single customer (usually an eCommerce website), it is called a dedicated server. The dedicated server is equipped to cater to the requirements of large businesses.

The Advantages Of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a kind of hosting that is done for websites through virtual servers that use computing resources pulled from extensive underling networks of physical web servers. It has a utility computing mode, making it available like a service and not like a product; hence it can be compared to usual utilities like gas and electricity. In essence, clients tap into the services depending on their website demands and play for use only.

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