Save up to 50% off on VyprVPN without using any Coupon/Promo Codes

Save up to 50% off on VyprVPN without using any Coupon/Promo Codes

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UPDATED: Seems that the said 50% off is a LTO, which has been just removed or disabled due to some reason. For up-to-date tips, view

Free Webhosting Vs Paid Webhosting

There are several cheap website hosting companies that offer both free and paid website hosting options. Some people fail to understand why they should pay for business web hosting when they can get the same thing for free. Well, this is where the main twist lies.

How to Register a URL for Your Website

Setting up a website involves a variety of steps that one needs to follow if they want to get the best deal for your site in the end. Other than the obvious thing – finding a designer to do the site for you and getting a good deal on hosting – you are also going to have to register the site’s desired URL, so that people can access it in the first place. You can do this in different ways depending on the type of URL you are looking to get.

VPS Hosting – Overview

A VPS web server (Virtual Private Server) provides you the web presence that your business needs, which is similar to dedicated hosting but without burning a hole in your pocket. For any business that serves dynamic content and receives a fair amount of traffic VPS Hosting is perfect choice. As you are not required to maintain your own server the cost of IT staff and other operational costs for power and connectivity is saved, resulting in better profits for the business.

Zimbra Email Server Editions For Business

Either an organization is small sized or a big one; there is always an ever increasing requirement for secure mailing solution. Introducing the Zimbra email suite to business provides advance mailing resource that facilitate easy management of e-mailing network of company and speed up the business performance.

Introduction to Subnet IP Address

Subnet IP Address has always aroused curiosity among a lot of surfers and website owners alike. In this article you could find the answer to that curiosity of yours.

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