PureVPN Review 2021 | Is a Hong Kong-based VPN a good idea now?

PureVPN Review 2021 | Is a Hong Kong-based VPN a good idea now?

They claim to be “the fastest VPN ever”…but does PureVPN live up to these standards? In this PureVPN review, Josh looks at their software, their features and explores who exactly owns this mysterious VPN service.

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Critical Look at PureVPN
0:51 – PureVPN Desktop Software Review
3:23 – PureVPN Browser Extension Review
4:15 – PureVPN Mobile App Review
6:08 – Features & Benefits of PureVPN
7:34 – PureVPN Speed Claims
7:55 – Can You Trust PureVPN with your Data?
8:52 – Who Owns/Runs PureVPN?
9:52 – PureVPN Review Wrap-Up

PureVPN has been around since 2007 and claims to be the “fastest VPN EVER!” on its website.

Of course, every VPN makes such claims, so what’s the truth? We’re going to dive deep in this PureVPN review to determine how the PureVPN desktop app, mobile app, mobile extension and general features compare with the competition.

And then we’ll go a step further – further than most reviews go – to talk about who owns and runs PureVPN. Can you trust them with your data?

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