Liquid Web Review – Is It The Fastest Service? (2021)

Liquid Web Review - Is It The Fastest Service? (2020)

What is Liquid Web?
Liquid Web Hosting Review.
Is Liquid Web Hosting Good Company?
Is Liquid Web Hosting Cheap?
How Fast Is Liquid Web Hosting?
Is Liquid Web Hosting Support Good?

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Hey, itโ€™s the HowToHosting Guide team and in this Liquid Web review we will cover whether or not it is a good web hosting provider. And before we get to the point, I would like to say that we would never recommend to you a hosting service that we do not believe is good in terms of service. Most youtubers advertise hosting services that pay more without caring whether or not the service is actually decent or not. This is why we want you to know that we will only add web links to hosting companies that we have tested and we would recommend. We have decided to start this channel, because we want people to know the real data behind each hosting and see a helpful video that will actually help them choose the best hosting provider for their needs and not just some promoted hosting company.
Lucky for you, Liquid Web is one of those good hosting companies.
Letโ€™s begin and see why we think this company is among the best ones in the business.

To begin with, we will be covering the 4 most important aspects when it comes to hosting a website. These aspects include the Speed which it takes to load a web page, the uptime percentage of the hosting provider, how good is the companyโ€™s tech support, and the most important element – the price which you will pay for all of this. Let’s begin.

To test the speed of Liquid Web, we used one website which is hosted by Liquid Web and tested it over periods of time, using GTMetrix. We performed this testing in the period of 5 months and calculated the average time it takes to open a page. For Liquid Web, it was 0.8 seconds, which is a great result.

The uptime of Liquid Web was as we expected – 100%. This may come as no surprise, because most Web Hosting leaders in the market offer such uptime. However, keep in mind that this uptime is only relative, because it may change in case of a server problem or is something unexpected occurs. Also note that in the cheaper, economy plans of Liquid Web, you could expect the uptime to be a bit less than 100%.

Tech Support
The tech support of Liquid Web hosting is one of the best features the company offers. The team is generally quick in solving problems of all kinds, and we found them to be quite friendly and really competent at what they are doing.

The Price
When it comes to the pricing, Liquid Web could be a pricey. It could cost you a bit more with a starting price of about $19, but in return you do get a 0.8 seconds site opening time, which makes it a good web hosting company choice. If you want to set up a high traffic website with a lot of users, Liquid Web will fit your needs.

Our Final Score
If we have to give a verdict to Liquid web, we would give it a solid 5.5 out of 6 stars. Liquid Web is the type of company which offers lightning fast opening time of their sites, excellent uptime and one of the best tech support teams in the business. The only downside we found during our testing of Liquid Web was probably the price, but if you want a good site that will handle thousands of users, this company is definitely the right choice for you.

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