How to get VYPR VPN Premium Account for Free | RSO Blog

How to get VYPR VPN Premium Account for Free | RSO Blog

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Of course if an e-commerce site has recurring down time or reliability issues, the consumer may be put off using that site due to the expected hassle it may cause them if, for example, they are half way through a purchase when things go wrong. In addition reliability, stability and a lack of error messages can, for many users, be a good indicator of a site’s authority, its trustworthiness even, and those are important factors for a consumer when they are parting with their hard-earned money. What’s more any amount of downtime can be money down the drain, lost sales not to mention lost advertising and exposure.

Pros and Cons of Colocation Hosting

If you’re a small business that needs all the advantages of a large IT department without the associated costs of running one in-house, colocation might be the hosting option you’re looking for. A lot of big corporations invest millions of pounds in building the infrastructure to host their own servers for websites, databases and other applications, along with large teams of IT professionals to manage these servers from day to day. A small business is often unable to fund such a department, but there are other options available in the market from simple shared or dedicated hosting…

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