How to add SSL certificate in SiteGround and secure your website

How to add SSL certificate in SiteGround and secure your website

One of the most important things to do nowdays on the websites is to activate the SSL certificate for a matter of security but also for the SEO and the visibility of your websites on the search engines.
SiteGround allows you to do that very easily.

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If you have a website ๐ŸŒ I highly recommend you use SiteGround, the best self-hosting platform in the world ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป

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Reseller Hosting – Maximize Your Revenue Streams

Reseller web hosting is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs to maximize their revenue streams online. More and more investors are looking forward to invest in this domain due to a plethora of benefits that comes with this hosting provision.

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Service For Your Website

Every website on the web is hosted on a server. Buying web hosting is an arrangement in which a person or a company rents space on a server to store data so that its website can be displayed and accessed online. It is important to choose a reliable website for it determines load speed and at the time reduces downtime. There are some important factors to consider if you want to get the best web hosting service for your website.

Understanding Web Hosting for Novices

Having a website is different from having it online. You can create a website and access it via a browser on your computer. But for others to access the same website, it needs to be on an online server. Simply put, web hosting is making sure websites are kept on the Web so that they are available to Internet users across the globe.

Choosing Between Windows and Linux VPS

When it comes to hosting their website, many business owners go for Virtual Private Server (VPS) as it is inexpensive, secure and offers dedicated resources. Now that you are reading this article, I assume that you know what a VPS is and the benefits of choosing a VPS. Many business owners like you might be clear that you will go with VPS, but are confused whether to choose Linux or Windows VPS.

Which Hosting Option Is Suitable for All Size Businesses

In this competitive world, businesses of all shape and sizes are competing for better SEO rankings and accelerated website performance to gain agility and explore new market opportunities. A host of web hosting alternatives are available today, helping businesses to have strong and influential online presence with least hassles and with no big investments.

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