GoDaddy to SiteGround Migration – Successfully Move WordPress Content to New Hosting 2021!

GoDaddy to SiteGround Migration - Successfully Move WordPress Content to New Hosting 2020!

Learn how to migrate your WordPress websites from GoDaddy to Siteground. We’ll setup your new SiteGround account, install the SG migrator plugin on your old website, then move all your files for 1 website/blog from GoDaddy’s control panel to your new SiteGround client area.

About SiteGround: SiteGround is the #2 recommended web host by themselves and consistently tests #1 for page speed which can increase your Google rankings a ton! Hence migrating from GoDaddy (one of the slower web host) to SiteGround is a really great idea! This premium web host gives you a free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, and tons of free WordPress themes from their Starter kit to make migrating to SiteGround highly worth it in 2020. I’ve moved several websites and blogs for clients who depend on WordPress to make a living, so we’ve gone through all the steps successfully before! Checkout our SiteGround discounts:

Learn the steps covered here:
1. Login to godady website
2. Add SG migrator plugin to old website
3. Get a new SiteGround Startup Plan (cheapest plan)
4. Tell them you already own your domain
5. Setup a new site in SiteGround
6. Choose the superfast automigration
7. Enter in your token
8. Let it migrate!
9. Change nameservers on your domain
10. All done!

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