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Tips to Choose Latest File Sharing Services for Your Online Business Requirements

Security can be worrisome when you hire a third party host for business file sharing services. It’s hard to imagine placing company secrets into a concept. As far as individuals are concerned, that’s essentially what Cloud is all about because it’s not something tangible as placing a document inside a safety vault.

Cloud Vs Dedicated Hosting – Part 4: Security

Having compared cloud with traditional dedicated hosting solutions on their respective costs and performance issues in the preceding posts in this series, the final instalment provides further analysis of the two in regard to security issues. Security For many private and enterprise customers, security is the primary area of concern when making the switch from traditional localised computing to cloud computing solutions, particularly when it comes to the topic of hosting. Businesses that require high levels of security to be applied to their hosting platforms have traditionally flocked to dedicated hosting solutions, to avoid the…

Web Hosting – Tips To Help You Save Money

If you are an online entrepreneur than a good web hosting service is one of your most important allies. The host enables you to put your website out there so that your potential customers can visit it. You’ll have to pay for this service and this is something that can cause problems for you at the outset.

All Things About Email Hosting Explained

What is email hosting and how important is it to your business? What are the things that you should consider when choosing an email hosting provider for your business? Read this article if you want to know more about email hosting and its importance.

Cloud Vs Dedicated Hosting – Part 3: Enterprise Focus

The third post in this series looks at some of the pros and cons of dedicated and cloud hosting solutions when it comes to providing the services that enterprise customers actually demand. Much focus in the industry has in the past been concentrated on the technical capabilities of the respective platforms but the key to adoption across enterprise is how that technology sates business requirements.

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