eUKhost Dedicated Servers

eUKhost Dedicated Servers

Configure & Order your Desired eUKhost Dedicated Server here –

eUKhost clearly stands out when it comes to its dedicated server offerings, with an array of advantages that include:

1. 100% Uptime Guarantee
2. Comprehensive, Reliable Server Management
3. FREE Plesk Web Pro
4. 1 Gbit Port Speed offered with all dedicated servers at no additional charge
5. Latest SSD Drives

While configuring and ordering your desired eUKhost dedicated server here you can choose from multiple options that include HDD or SSD Drives as well as Server choices with increasing capabilities and capacities such as E3, E5, and E5 ST Servers.

Tips for Beginners to Choose Web Hosting Services

The first thing you need to get your business website running is a good web hosting service. Hosting is basically the space provided to your website to upload your content and create a web presence for yourself.

The Great Hosting Debate: Shared Vs Dedicated

Shared and dedicated web hosting are the most common hosting options. If you would like to understand them more, here is an explanation: Shared hosting – Also known as virtual hosting, this is an option where a third-party service provider hosts your web servers for a monthly fee. Here you are only responsible for the content while the service provider handles all the other details including bandwidth management, security, server setup, and backups.

What to Consider When Hosting Your Site

A website is a collection of webpages that are accessed using a browser. A web hosting service stores your website on their server for a fee thus relieving you of the need to buy and maintain one. Depending on your need for speed and volume of content, you have three options.

The Pros And Cons Of Hosting At Home

The pros – You have easy access to and control over the hardware: when you have the server in your premises you can easily modify the hardware. For example, you can easily add, remove or even replace memory, hard drive, motherboard, and even the power supply as often as you desire.

Why Choose SSD Hosting?

Computers and other electronic devices involve multiple functions. In their operation, it is inevitable to store data like document files, photos, music, applications, videos, and other more. In computers and similar electronic devices, varied components are utilized stacking data.

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