eNlight Cloud Hosting on eUKhost

eNlight Cloud Hosting on eUKhost

Get eNlight Cloud Hosting on eUKhost here – http://bit.ly/eNlight

eNlight Cloud is designed to avoid downtime that can take a traditional hosting set up offline – these things can include disk drive failure, server component failure or switch failure.

eNlight Cloud consists of a cluster of servers connected to a remote storage device with data striped down multiple devices, redundant switches and uplinks with enough network capacity to handle losing 40% of all the hardware nodes.

eNlight Cloud is a fully managed service with 24 x 7 technical support as standard.

Web Hosting Plans: Five Terms You Should Know

Web hosting comes with a number of benefits such as easy expansion, easy installation of security features, and availability of reliable services. Due to these benefits, it’s paramount that you choose the right package for you. The first step to choosing the right package is understanding the key concepts of web hosting. To start you off, here are five terms that you should know.

Can Outsourced Support Companies Ensure Server Security?

In the past few weeks, you may have heard rumours about a potentially dangerous computer virus which could put your internet security at risk. Many new threats such as this have been borne out of glitches in existing software, but these glitches can potentially be exploited by unfriendly people, who can then use your information for all sorts of unscrupulous purposes.

Some Features Of A Business Web Hosting Service

If your small business is in need of a business web hosting service, then you will have to choose from one of the many different companies on offer. These services essentially act to offer your company a space on their web servers, so that you can get your website online. The fees charged by these companies can vary considerably, but so can the services which are provided.

Facts About PHP Web Hosting

Many different companies offer shared web hosting services, which are designed to allow users to share their personal websites or their business website on the internet. Whilst there are a number of different types of shared web hosting services available, one of the most basic and most popular types of hosting is PHP web hosting. Here is a short explanation about the versatility and workings of PHP web hosting.

Why Outsource Hosting Support

To the average user, the concept of building websites and buying web hosting is not easily appreciated. Understanding what responsibilities are relevant to specific entities is not very easy to grasp. Although it appears that anyone can build a website, it may be a lot more intriguing if time is spent in learning more about hosting as special knowledge is required.

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