BlueHost or WPX: Best Bang for Your Buck?

BlueHost or WPX: Best Bang for Your Buck?

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In this video we talk about the difference between BlueHost and WPX Web Hosting Services and Domain Name websites. We talk about which is better for beginners and how to get started. The overall costs of both and how the payment plans a slightly different so it really depends how committed you are to getting started.

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Top Considerations When Choosing A Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers come with a list advantages to different users and businesses. The options are numerous; hence the need to make important considerations before selecting the best one for the needs you have.

I Need A Hosting Plan

NOW YOU HAVE SECURED A DOMAIN NAME and created a website, you need a good hosting plan to get that website out to your market. But is it worth spending hundreds of dollars to get hosting when there are companies that offer websites free? When you understand the purpose of hosting and how it impacts on your web presence, you will be able to make wiser decisions when choosing a hosting plan. Let us put it in a simplified format: in this article, we will use an analogy of renting an apartment in the same context as having a web hosting service.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – How to Pick the Right Dedicated Hosting Company

Websites that receive excessively high amounts of traffic each month like clockwork will not fare well if they opt for shared website hosting options. In cases like these, dedicated hosting is strongly recommended, s it will ensure that the website in question does not go down at a crucial moment – such as when a particular blog post or article decides to go viral on social media. Below are a few aspects to look for when choosing a dedicated hosting company.

SSDs Vs Hard Drives – A Web Hosting Perspective

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the way of the future for mission critical business websites. As with anything, time brings change. Today, I would be discussing the massive changes SSDs have made for the Web Hosting Industry in particular.

Why Vulnerability Testing Is Important

In simplest terms, vulnerability testing is the process that systems, computers and communications infrastructure must undergo in order to identify, measure and analyze most, if not all vulnerabilities they may possibly have. It also aims to produce a quantifiable list of these issues and possible measures to fix them.

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