Agency Toolkit: Presenting Our New Client Area and Site Tools

Agency Toolkit: Presenting Our New Client Area and Site Tools

A walk-through of the new in-house SiteGround website management interfaces.


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Tips On Choosing Web Hosting Plans That Work For You

Web hosting plans are designed to fit the needs of the different people that will be buying them. Some web hosting plans have unlimited data amounts, and some of them have very limited data amounts. You have to evaluate your needs and then see what is offered in order to choose web hosting plans that are right for you.

Do You Need Unlimited Web Hosting?

Unlimited web hosting sounds perfect when you hear about it. With unlimited web hosting you get business web hosting that allows you to use as much storage space as you want to, and allows you to grow your website as big as you want it to grow. But, do you really need unlimited web hosting for your business web hosting?

Is Outsourced Hosting Support Less Reliable Than In-House Hosting Support?

When you hire a server to host your website you want to be able to feel confident that when you have a problem with the website there will be hosting support available to help you. Some companies that offer space on their servers have in-house hosting support services, meaning that their own employees take care of all of the problems you might encounter. Some companies have automated hosting support which means they have programmed a machine to answer the most common problems that arise.

Is All Web Hosting PHP Web Hosting?

Web hosting is when someone that owns a server large enough to store a lot of data on it offers to share that server with other people who want to have web sites, but have no server to place the data on. Web hosting is a mutual agreement between the people that own the server, and the people that need the data stored.

Learning More About Outsourced Web Hosting Support

Outsourced web hosting support is becoming more common among internet sites. At one time, back when the internet began to be popular, people had to have their own source of hosting their web pages. This meant that you had to have a powerful server. Most people did not have these powerful servers, and it did not take long before someone with the capacity to host several pages started to rent space out to the individuals that did not have the server capacity.

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